My Top 10 iPad Apps for the Primary Classroom

I have been using iPads in the primary classroom for over four years now. In that time, I have downloaded and experimented with hundreds of apps; some great, some useless. Here are my top 10!

10. Coach’s Eye


Coach’s Eye has been developed as a performance-enhancing video app for sport. It enables you to video, replay (including in slow motion), add commentary and annotate. In the classroom, we use it to provide peer feedback and peer coaching.

9. Red Laser


Red Laser is a QR code reader and generator. In the classroom, we use it to generate and read QR codes linked to web content. We also use it alongside Sound Cloud (see number 7) to give and receive peer feedback.

8. Sound Cloud


Sound Cloud enables you to record audio and store it in a cloud. Once in the cloud, you can generate a URL and create a QR code for your audio. In the classroom, we use it document spoken learning and provide peer feedback.

7. iMovie


‘iMovie makes it easy to browse and share the HD video you shoot on your iOS device. Turn your favourite clips into blockbuster films or Hollywood-style trailers. And watch your mini-masterpieces anywhere with iMovie Theater. A few taps, a few swipes, and you’re ready for your big premiere.’ Children from Foundation through to year 6 find this app intuitive and have great success in creating professional quality videos. Learning opportunities with this app are endless.

6. WordFoto


WordFoto, an app that turns your photos and words into amazing typographic  works of art. In the classroom, we use this to generate vocabulary around settings and characters.

5. ScratchWork


‘ScratchWork allows you to take notes and browse the web while having the two side by side to avoid back and forth flipping.’ If, like me, you use the internet a lot in your classroom, this is a must.

4. 360 Cities


‘360Cities’ Panoramic World features the interactive panoramas of thousands of the best panorama photographers from around the globe, whose panoramas come to life on your iPad.’ Learning about Egypt but can’t afford to take you class on a visit? This app is not a bad second best.

3. Google Drive


Google Drive has transformed the way I teach. ‘You can keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos – anything. Your files in Drive can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want–no email attachment needed.’

2. Book Creator


‘Book Creator is the simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad.’ Does what it says on the tin. Very intuitive and I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t like it!

1. Explain Everything


‘Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.’ The children in my class and I use this every day. If I could only use one app in my classroom, this would be it. A must for all teachers and pupils!