Uninterested in improving and outdated and ineffective model, Chris believes that school should and could be re-imagined; after all ‘the electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles’. The sole purpose of education, in Chris’ mind, is to see how it can change the world. In the context of Sinek’s Golden Circle, this is his WHY. Chris’ philosophy centres around the use of REAL Projects, collaborative and flexible learning spaces and the use of mobile technologies.

In 2016, Chris embarked on his new challenge with Eos Education. Chris is EOS by Design Coordinator at EOS Education and in this role, Chris works with schools around the country, providing coaching and delivering training.  He was, until recently, Assistant Headteacher (responsible for Teaching & Learning) at a large Lincolnshire primary school. During his 10 years in teaching, Chris has taught across the primary age range and has lead nurture units, music & ICT curriculums, ITT & NQT development and most recently teaching and learning.

Chris’ practices, in the areas of ‘purpose’ and challenge based learning, have been written about and published in a book called ‘Make Learning Personal’ by American authors Barbra Bray and Kathleen McClaskey.


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